mafia 2 subway vito

Gampangnya ini merupakan modifikasi game Mafia II biar area baru di DLC Joe’s Adventure dan area yang di disable (cut content) bisa dimainkan kembali di mode Free Ride ๐Ÿ™‚
Feature List

– Enable Joe Adventures and Jimmy Vendetta areas.
– Freeride with God mode, weapons, and cars.
– Can wear a hat and remove it.

Download :
mafia 2 empire expander
M2 EX v0.4d 12MB (NEW DATA | Installer)
EN: Put both files in one same folder. Then run the .exe.
ID: Taruh kedua file di folder yang sama. Selanjutnya tinggal install.

M2 EX Installer Source Code (download here)
Feel free to use and edit however you wan’t and please give proper credit if you use this source code.

Leo MansionAsshole HouseDam Area

— Old Releases —

M2 Ex v0.2c (new! original cathouse added)
M2 Ex v0.2b
M2 Ex v0.2 (most stable)

M2 Ex v0.1

Thanks to:
Bullet7, Costa, eXistenZ34, Relight,ย Rick, t0ny, TheWhiteMIC, and everyone from mafiascene.

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