Wondering why shooting markov is no use?
Why he keep healing?
That’s because Markov PAK-FA at Washington D.C is cheating.

all your attack is useless.
Except when the game decided other. (or when Markov turned off his cheats)

Markov the cheater

to Kill markov you need to
1. Keep DFM-ing him, and shoot him
2. repeat step 1 until you got YELLOW warning on UPPER LEFT SCREEN that markov almost deploy the Trinity. It will took long time, so be patient, and keep DFM-ing.
3. Now markov will fly STRAIGHT in DFM, no more crazy maneuver. (and all his Cheats is turned off)
4. Shot him with a few missile.
5. Done.

basically why Markov so annoying to kill is because he is in scripted DFM mode, thus he is able to cheat (god mode, noclip, infinite flare, etc), and then he become dumb/stupid/idiot in a special designated scene to be killed by the player.

Markov? Akulla? Shark? Akula?
For me, i know him as Markov “The Cheater” Shark.

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