Yay! Fable 3 is released on PC !!!

But after Playing Fable 3,  your eyes can’t stop seeing the horrible blur or Ghosting of motion blur?
Want to make Fable 3’s blur and Ghosting disappear?

here how to do it:

1. Go to Fable 3 instalation folder
2. Open VideoOptionsConfig.xml with NOTEPAD
3. Edit the lines to become like this (basically change the number to 99)

(click image to enlarge)

4. Start Fable 3 game, then go to the graphic option.
5. Change the slider to anything different than your current setting. then APPLY.
6. Change again the graphic option to you desired. then APPLY.

Voila, the horrible blur and ghosting in Fable 3 will disappear.
(optional) You can DISABLE VSYNC to make input more responsive (kill the lag)


Here Screenshot default:
fable 3 blur
(click image to enlarge)


and here after tweak:

Click image to enlarge


Oh and you will also got a nice FPS boost 😉
And yeah it is weird that “99” is a value to disable an option… Lionhead is weird…