battlefield 3 directx error

My BF3 was crashing and showing directX error:

DirectX function “_dxgFactory->CreateSwapChain failed with DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL: the application has made an erroneus API call that it had enough information to avoid. bla bla bla bla


And here what i do to fix it:
1. Exit the BF3.exe
2. press, WINDOWS R on your keyboard.
3. Type DXDIAG, enter
4. Run other 3D game ( i usually just start Trine, it fast boot) then exit.
5. Run BF3 again.

That weird method works for me, maybe not work for you.
Whatever the result feel free to comment.

– If problem cured then sometime latet suddently reoccured, follow the steps again.

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